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Texture accessing is not limited to just Fragment Shaders, though this is the primary place where textures are accessed. Any GLSL shader stage may access textures and OpenGL does not define any limitations on the format for those textures. However, non. opengl documentation: Using textures in GLSL shaders. Example. The vertex shader only accepts the texture coordinates as a vertex attribute and forwards the coordinates to the fragment shader. This is because a GLSL program contains all of the shader stages at once. Programs do not consider uniforms in a vertex shader to be different from uniforms in a fragment shader. Miscellaneous Enable Or Not To Enable. With fixed pipeline, you needed to call glEnableGL_TEXTURE_2D to. Hi there. In reference to my stackoverflow post which did not have the response I’d liked it to have I want to repeat my question here. So I’m fetching YUY2/YUYV frames from a v4l2 device. The dimension of the texture. I am grabbing frames from a camera and attempting to show them in an OpenGL texture this happens to be in a Qt app but I'm not sure that is relevant to my issue. The display of the texture in my OpenGL context appears to be distorted and stamped 4 times.

What I means here is actually set the pixels on the frame buffer myself without calculation using the texture data. Because the texture data is just to be used for comparison and decide which color to output to the frame buffer in my case. The format of the texture will directly/indirectly affect the format of the frame buffer? You have a texture for your game character and you have a texture that shows dirt and blood and whatnot. In a shader, you can combine them to create the effect you want. This is much cheaper than continually rendering to a frame buffer object and copying the result to a texture. \$\endgroup\$ – knight666 Jun 26 '12 at 14:07. Hello, I need to perform RGB to YUV conversion in the fragment shader. I cannot figure it out, but is it possible to output the YUV values into an array from the fragment shader? thanks! It’s not the shader’s responsibility to say what kind of texture it writes to. All it writes are output values. What decides the format of the values written to the framebuffer images are the framebuffer images themselves. The only thing you have to decide is what GLSL type you’re writing to.

User-defined output variables in the fragment shader can only be the following GLSL types: floats, integers, vectors of the same. They can also be arrays of one of these types, including arrays of arrays though you are strongly encouraged to avoid this. User-defined output variables can also not be aggregated into interface blocks. Output buffers. GLSL Programming Nicolas Holzschuch. GLSL programming. • Must write simple code • Data input/output. Depends on position: texture. Input & Output CPU Main memory Vertex shader Fragment shader Frame buffer Z-buffer. Input & Output CPU. The output of these shaders displays texture coordinates as colors, showing how the texture mapping is defined in a model. For instance, the figure below shows a plane, an elephant, and the teapot, with their texture coordinates. Red will be used for the s coordinate, and green for the t coordinate.

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